Determination of the Charge Density of Anionic Polyacrylamide

Although there are starch based flocculants available, it is the various polyacrylamide compounds that are most commonly used in the mining and petroleum industries. It is primarily used as a method for enhancing the sedimentation of solids in the water treatment processes as well as a mobility control agent in enhanced oil recovery processes. It is most commonly the non-ionic and anionic polyacrylamide compounds which are used in these industries. The charge density of the polyacrylamide will have an effect on its efficacy in these given implementations.

Safety Procedures for an Anionic Flocculant

An anionic flocculant is a chemical compound that is used to separate solid waste matter from waste water in a variety of industrial and commercial applications. Common areas of use include the clarification of dirty mine water, clarification of storm water sedimentation basins and the cleansing of industrial wastewater. However, as with most chemical compounds, there are certain safety procedures which need to be followed in order to utilize this type of compound safely.


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